Training sessions for health professionals

Training sessions for health professionals

Many health care centres across Portugal were invited to host the Nutrition UP 65 training sessions for health professionals. The 8 hour course is entitled “Food and nutrition strategies towards older adults in clinical context” and is ministered by accredited trainers. The University of Porto assigns 1ECTS to the attendants who complete the full course and final test.

Southern Portuguese towns of Portalegre and Elvas were the first to host the sessions, back in January 2016.


On April, the coastal town of Espinho had its turn, with an excellent welcoming from the group of health workers, including nurses, medical doctors and nutritionists, to Dr. Dina Matias, the assigned trainer for this session.


The course comprises a large number of subjects, such as undernutrition, obesity, sarcopenia, frailty and dehydration, and include differentiated strategies to mitigate or prevent these health conditions.


The project’s coordination wishes to thank every person who contributes to the making of the sessions, including trainers, health professionals and administrative personnel.

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