Disclosure of results toparticipants

Disclosure of results toparticipants

The first results of the study on nutritional status of older adults are being disclosed to participants.


With this activity, the Nutrition UP 65 project achieves a milestone on the road which started with the collection of data from 1500 older adults throughout Portugal.

The first 125 participants will be mailed a set of results concerning their nutritional status. The results include anthropometric data and its relation to cardiometabolic risk, dietary intake and weight variations throughout the last three months, assessment of nutritional status using Mini Nutritional Assessment ® (Short Form), sarcopenia, frailty and analytical data on vitamin D and of hydration status. These results are intended to be shown to the participants’ Doctors.

Together with the results, the participants will receive leaflets with nutritional recommendations, targeted at specific ailments that were identified in the survey.

Although the data collected from the 125 participants is not enough to deliver a profile on the sample’s nutritional status, the results show a tendency for high prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and dehydration.

The complete set of results from the whole sample of 1500 individuals, when available, will hopefully shed light on the nutritional status, contributing for the creation of better guidelines for the elderly Portuguese population.

The project’s coordination wishes to thank all participants and collaborators in the study.

The Nutrition UP 65 project is developed by the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences of the University of Porto and financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, through the EEA Grants (PT06 – Public Health Initiatives Program, ref. 40NU05).

All images © FCNAUP. All photographed individuals have given their written consent.



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